Group & Private Dining

Group Dining
Group dining bookings continue to be extremely popular at The Clarence Social, with our flexible spaces and dining options for guests as well as party atmosphere on Saturday nights, giving guests more than just a dining experience. The maximum we can seat on one table is 20 so anything over this number will be on two tables depending on size. The maximum we will take before it becomes a private dinning is 30 covers.
From £25 per guest

Private Dining
We can seat a maximum of 70 covers upstairs in our restaurant. Whether it be a birthday, Christmas party, wedding or another special occasion, we can design a menu that suits you and your guests. There will be a pre-order required for this amount of guests. 

The mezzanine is available for lunch from 12pm – 5pm and for dinner 6pm – 2am.

For enquiries, please email or call 01242 245539.

We very much look forward to seeing you again soon!

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